My first blog 5-2-12 

Yea so I've decided to start a blog :) I always thought "who would want to hear about what I've got going on in my life, seems kind of arrogant".
But a few peeps suggested I start one so here goes nothin! :)
Well to get this out to get this out of the way, some of you may know me as an artist, but I'm also a producer who's won and been nominated for Grammys, Dove awards etc...
I love producing but I guess musically my artistry is my first love.
I like having a song come into my head, as a simple melody or concept, and then watching it birth
into a full blown song!
They rarely come to me the same way.
Sometimes I here a melody, sometimes I hear a track, sometimes somebody says a word in conversation,
it's pretty fascinating...
So my last artist project is "Monstaunleashed" it's kind of Rock/POP/Hiphop hybrid kind of project...
Everytime somebody sees my pic or hear I have a project out they assume it's rap...NOPE
Loud guitars, phat beats and a black dude singin on top :)
There were jokes on my twitter a little while back about my "beautiful white boy voice" LOL!
That really cracked me up...Why can't a "brotha" lead a rock band and smash?!
It's kinda like a white rapper smashin a bunch black rappers on the mic, but that could never happen...Oh wait! :)
On a side note I'm mixing projects using this  and they are sounding GREAT...
I saw a quote the other day that went something like this "If you are passionate about something, pursue it, no matter what anyone else thinks. That’s how dreams are
...So guess what? That's what I'm gonna do!
You can check out the songs and tell me what you think...
Anyway I'll I will pull back the curtain a little bit in future blogs about my life, the music industry and of course
my lovely fam :)
Okay time to do some remixing, and check on my Ninitendo WII, I think it got fried in a power surge yesterday :(
Please feel free to comment, actaully PLEASE comment (suggestions etc...) as this is still in the feeling out stage as to how I should
format this blog...Thanks for reading and have a great day... LET'S GO!!!